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Helpful Tip for October 2006

Take Advantage of Automatic Inserting

Automatic Inserting

Inserting is an essential function of any direct mail campaign that involves an envelope or other carrier piece. At Bindery 1, the process can range from inserting a single sheet into an envelope to automatically pulling together up to a dozen separate items.

When planning a campaign that will include inserts, it’s a good idea to design them for automatic insertion into your carrier. The time and cost savings associated with automated insertion is tremendous compared with hand insertion processes.

What Can Be Inserted? - Almost anything can be inserted into a direct mail package. From a single card or sheet to coins, stickers, bookmarks, CDs, magnets, inserts allow you to create an appealing package that makes the recipient feel as if it were customized for them. Another popular inserts include tipped-on “Post-It” notes, which can draw attention to a particular offer or another insert.

Insert size and thickness – While almost anything can be inserted, the size and thickness of the piece will determine whether it can be inserted automatically. Thick inserts such as perfect-bound books are possible, but equipment speed will likely suffer. In addition, an overly-thick package may bump up postage rates as well. Consult Data Solutions to determine the feasibility of your inserted items.

Envelope clearance – Envelopes should have sufficient clearance to allow for easy insertion. For most applications, the envelope should be at least 1/4” larger on either side of the insert. Any lesser clearance could result in production slowdowns and increased spoilage. For window envelopes, the address will need to be visible regardless of how the address-bearing insert shifts. A 1/8” margin on all sides of the address area should pass the “tap test”.  

Nested inserts – Nesting involves placing an insert within another insert during production. Although this is often a manual process, Data Solutions can perform nesting inline during insertion by collating sheets up to 11” x 17”, folding and inserting them automatically.

The Data Solutions Advantage
With eight automatic regular- and large-format machines, Data Solutions can handle even the highest-volume inserting applications. Up to 12 pockets ensures that versioned and multiple-matching applications are properly executed. We can even create an efficient hand inserting process for projects with unusual insertion requirements. Our central location in Iowa is convenient to both coasts, while our in-house USPS liaison and local Des Moines BMC facility ensure rapid drop dates. Give Data Solutions a call today to begin planning your next successful direct mail campaign.

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