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Helpful Tip for December 2006

VDP Applications are Everywhere

The Xerox DocuColor full-color digital press is one of many powerful VDP tools at your disposal at Data Solutions.

The growth in variable-data printing has been robust the past couple years, and with good reason: Direct marketers are recognizing VDP applications bring higher response rates and increased ROI on their mail campaigns. Savvy marketers are recognizing the value VDP can bring to campaigns aimed at retaining existing customers, particularly for products or services where customers offer a high LTV (lifetime value).

If you’re looking to take your direct mail campaigns to a higher level, Data Solutions is your resource for a full range of VDP capabilities. Here are some VDP tips and tricks to get you started.  

What is VDP?

VDP, or variable-data printing, refers to the use of digital printing technologies that apply data-driven text and image elements to a printed piece. The complexity of a VDP application can range from the creation of versioned pieces to fully-personalized communications with photos and text tailored to each recipient.

There are two essential elements to a successful VDP campaign: Creativity and data. While digital printing technologies let you create highly-customized applications, the effectiveness of such a campaign is only as good as the accuracy and sophistication of your data, and the creative messages you craft from the data.

Examples of VDP Applications

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the possible applications for VDP. Here are just a few examples:

Loyalty Programs –VDP technology can be used to generate customized loyalty programs that vary an offer based on data such as purchase history and buying habits. These programs are aimed at increasing the lifetime value of each customer and can include customized elements such as membership cards, certificates and coupons. Many loyalty programs increase response rates even further by directing recipients to a personalized web page where discounts and other loyalty perks can be redeemed.

Statements – Monthly or quarterly financial and banking statements driven by customer data can include customized, easy-to-read charts and graphs. Statements are also prime real estate for cross-selling opportunities using variable-data printing. Loan products, savings or checking accounts and other financial vehicles can be effectively cross-sold to existing account holders with customized offers built into regular statements.

Franchises/Branches – Franchises can take advantage of VDP technology to create marketing materials customized for each market. New location openings and expansions can be promoted to potential customers within close geographic proximity.

Donation Appeals – Non-profit organizations can leverage the power of VDP to solicit new donors and additional gifts from current donors. Premiums such as personalized return address labels can help drive higher response rates and increase gift value.

The Data Solutions Advantage

Data Solutions has the capabilities and expertise to help you plan a comprehensive VDP campaign. Our data processing, full-color laser printing and inkjet imaging services help you make the most of your data, while our mail processing capabilities . We can also shave precious days off your drop-date schedule – including delivery to both coasts with our central location in Iowa, in-house USPS liaison and close proximity to the Des Moines BMC facility. Give Data Solutions a call today to begin planning your next successful direct mail campaign.

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