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March 2007- Poly Bagging: “It’s in the Bag”

For consumers, the decision to read or discard material they receive through the mail is often made in less than three seconds. Direct marketing solutions that draw attention and build intrigue stand a better chance of generating a response. Poly bagging (or simply “poly”) allows printed materials to be easily seen by the consumer while not inhibiting the creativity of the printed message.

Perks of Poly Bagging
One of the main benefits of poly bagging is its ability to protect materials throughout the mail processing and delivery stream. Efficient for quantities of at least 2,000 pieces, poly is more economical for mailing flat size mail pieces than inserting into an envelope.  This packaging does not incur the additional cost of printing and converting envelopes and, just as importantly, doesn't require additional lead time. 

At Data Solutions, the poly we utilize is approved by the United States Postal Service for automation discounts on flat size mail pieces. Poly is 100% recyclable, allowing socially conscious marketers to use environment-friendly materials. 

Poly Bagging at Data Solutions
The keys to successful poly bagging are versatility and speed. Our machines are equipped with an alcohol inkjet printer capable of printing 8-lines of address within 1" of print directly on white bar printed poly. We can also collate up to five pieces inline and insert all of them within a single poly bag.

Planning Tip – Use a Mock-Up
A mockup or a sample of your package should be engineered prior to production. This sample will ensure details such as address positioning and USPS endorsements are correct and accurately placed. It also allows us to determine the proper poly bag size; additional lead-time is required to special order poly based on the dimensions of your pieces.

The Data Solutions Advantage
Data Solutions is your single resource for a complete range of packaging, mailing, data processing and personalization solutions. Give Data Solutions a call today to begin planning your next poly bagging project.

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