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April 2007- Improve Direct Mail ROI with Attached Items

Maximizing response rates is the goal of almost every direct mail campaign. Doing so without spending a fortune is nirvana for direct marketers, as it ensures a high return on investment (ROI) for a campaign.

There are several direct mail design and production tricks that can help improve campaign ROI. Among these is the use of attached items on the inside and outside of the direct mail piece. Here are a few attaching possibilities available from Data Solutions:

Attached materials maximize response rates while adding a creative element to your piece.

There are a wide range of items that can be attached (or placed) to a direct mail piece. Flat items such as magnets, plastic membership cards, credit cards, business cards and small booklets can be attached to the inside panels of a direct mail piece. These items are popular with direct marketers as they draw attention to a mail piece and help improve response rates.

Most attaching applications make use of a folded carrier piece, which helps minimize damage to the attached item and facilitates travel through the postal stream. At Data Solutions, our range of folding equipment allows carriers to be folded after attaching to ensure consistent production speed and quality. Attached items can even be personalized and matched with the carrier as part of a match mailing.

Post-It Notes
Another popular attaching application is the placement of a Post-It note to the outside of a direct mail piece. At Data Solutions, we can personalize each Post-It note using our inkjet imaging equipment to create a compelling, eye-catching first impression for your direct mail campaign.

Design Suggestion – Consider Placement Tolerance: Although the attaching accuracy at Data Solutions is excellent – to within 1/8” for many applications – your carrier design should allow for variation. For example, we suggest not placing a printed border around the target placement area, or otherwise including information that could be obscured by the attached item.

The Data Solutions Advantage
Let your friends at Data Solutions put our experience and capabilities to work for you on your next attaching project. Attaching can be performed inline during folding, gluing and wafer sealing to create an efficient workflow, so let us engineer your direct mail project for success. For personalized and match mailing applications, we can also perform inkjet imaging inline for even greater production efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about our attaching capabilities or to discuss a specific project.

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