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Data Processing Services

Merge/Purge, CASS

Data Solutions can perform a variety of services on your databases to optimize and prepare them for efficient mailing. Here are a few of the popular data cleansing services we offer:

Deduplication & Data Appending - Utilizing our sophisticated mailing software and other proprietary software, we can efficiently eliminate duplicate records. We can append the database with information such as geocoding, gender, county, and carrier route information. When narrowing the selection criteria, we commonly provide custom reports for clients to facilitate in eliminating unwanted records.

Electronic presorting - Presorting can save significant postage costs by allowing you to enter mail directly into the postal stream. At Data Solutions, we can presort all classes of mail, including first class, periodical, standard, bound printed matter, nonprofit, library and media mail.

NCOA and CASS certification - To qualify for reduced postal rates, your lists must be checked against the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) database. This standardizes the mailing address to meet the USPS rules and regulations. The CASS needs to be performed within 90 days of the mail date. For First-Class Mail, the data needs to be checked against the National Change of Address (NCOA). This certification ensures that every address is current and mailable. NCOA needs to be performed within 185 days of the mail drop date. The NCOA service is only performed by Data Solutions at your request; otherwise it is the database owner's responsibility to meet this requirement.

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