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Data Solutions DM is conveniently located in Des Moines IA by the Des Moines Bulk Mail Center, allowing for fast entry of high-volume mail drops into the mail stream. Mailing services include First Class through Fourth Class processing.

Inkjet Imaging

Data Solutions DM offers diverse inkjet imaging equipment that can handle a variety of substrates. Our high-resolution capabilities offer color imaging up to 600dpi – perfect for scripted fonts. Multiple imaging heads allow for several personalized elements to be imaged in one pass.  We offer alcohol and water based imaging solutions.


We can insert as many as 20 pieces (from single sheet to booklets) into a 9”x12” envelope, ans as many as 10 signatures (from business cards to booklets) into a 6” x 9” envelope. We also seal and meter in one step.

Match-mail processing is also available.

Affixing / Tip-on / Post-it note

We have the ability to affix items such as credit cards, magnets and printed materials – either generic or as part of a match mailing - to a printed carrier. Grab additional eyeballs by affixing a Post-It note directly to your carrier, which can include a personalized message applied inline on our inkjet imaging equipment.

Cheshire Labeling

We offer multiple machines capable of affixing paper label or Piggyback Pressure Sensitive labels to a carrier. Label formats include one-up to four-up formats.

Poly Bagging

Our poly bagging services ensure that your product stays safe from the elements while in transport. These individual plastic wrappings come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit all your needs.

Order Fulfillment

From personalized packaging to bulk packaging of the same product, we can help distribute your contents fast. We partner with a variety of delivery services to get your product to the destination on time and in tip-top condition. We offer packaging from tubes, boxes and envelopes in dozens of sizes.

Onsite postal rep

Every day, a certified postal employee checks our finished mail before it leaves our facility. The postal clerk checks for details such as print quality of the addresses and barcodes to ensure mail conforms properly to postal rules and regulations. This can reduce in-home time by a day or more, as this inspection would otherwise be performed at a Bulk Mail Facility.


This alternative to envelope insertion is ideal for applications that call for several components to be mailed together. As with polybagging, polywrapping allows recipients to view your pieces before opening the carrier. Polywrapping can be customized to fit the exact dimensions of your components.


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