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Multimedia Services

Sales presentations, multimedia marketing kits, software packages and educational materials are just a few of the many products that include CDs. As quantities rise into the tens of thousands or more, the cost and speed of CD duplication becomes an important factor in the schedule and budget of the project.

Among our range of direct mail, data processing and digital printing capabilities, Data Solutions offers CD duplication in both low and high volumes. Here are some details of our service, as well as a few tips for preparing your data and artwork for the duplication process:

Disk Imaging and Quality:
Thermal Imaging is available in black and 4 color process with print quality of 165 LPI.  This process directly images the face of the disk and is permanent.  This is recommended for short run applications and variable printing/serialization solutions.  The color matching is close, but we cannot guarantee an exact color match.  When ever we are trying to match colors, we prefer the printed piece sample for comparison or an Epson proof to best match the colors.  Silkscreen is available up to 5 PMS colors including white flood at 100 LPI.  Silkscreen is available for medium CD-R duplication and medium to long run replication projects.  Offset is extremely high quality 175 LPI. Offset is only available in 4 color process and for replication.

Duplication vs. Replication
At Data Solutions, CD-R/DVD-R duplication utilizes a recordable high grade media and is great for short-run and quick turn projects.  Both thermal imaging and silkscreen process are available for this service.  Thermal imaged projects are turned around within 48 business hours after approval.  Silkscreen is utilized for larger quantities requiring up to 5 business days after approval.  While the duplication is preferred for short run and quick turn around projects, CD/DVD replication is a completely manufactured disk requiring a glass master disc to be created from your original source disc.  For medium to long-run projects, replication is significantly less expensive than duplication but requires additional time for manufacturing.  Our standard turn around is 12 business days after approval. 

Design for CD Imaging:

  • Template available for download: (.eps).
  • Use vector art when possible.
  • Minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
  • All files should be setup as CMYK plus Spot Color and not RGB with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Outline fonts when possible.
  • Attempting to achieve a color with halftones or gradients is not recommended, as gradients will result in banding.  It is best to utilize solid spot colors.

  If you don’t have any idea what this technical jargon means, Data Solutions will be more than happy to help the artistically-challenged.

CD Mastering
Throughout the years Data Solutions has identified the following problems with master CDs, which may be attributed to one of the following:

  • The disk needs to be created under a single session and finalized.  There are two formats in which disks can be created.  Please utilize mode 1.
  • Because many CD drives are not compatible with CD-RW, it is recommended that only CD-R be used for mastering.
  • The master should be vigorously tested on different machines.  For example, if it is supposed to be a hybrid disk, check how the disk works on both Windows and MAC platforms to ensure the files and programs work correctly.

Packaging Your Discs
At Data Solutions, we recognize that every client has special needs for their project so we offer many options when it comes to packaging.  The following CD packaging options differ in cost, appearance and durability; we can help you choose the best solution for your application:

  • spindles
  • paper sleeves
  • clam shells
  • jewel cases
  • custom die-cut and converted sleeves

The Data Solutions Advantage:
Data Solutions offers a complete range of mailing, data processing and related services, including list management, direct mail printing and processing, digital printing (using inkjet and laser presses) for one-to-one marketing applications, CD duplication, multimedia project planning and more. Call Data Solutions today to get started on your next project!


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